About Us

Concept of Recycled Teak is the processing to make furniture using recycled teak wood or old wooden with former quality, while supporting conservation efforts that encouraged world countries in realizing the mission of “Go Green” and keeping the earth (Save Earth). Using old wood (recycled teak) materials which can be recycled, then manufacturing of furniture using the former wood capable in creating eco-friendly of furniture business, because it isn’t by cutting down any trees (new).

In quality, material from old wooden (reclaimed wood) also has several advantages,
among others:

  • It does not require a drying of wood. Old teak wood is a type of teak wood that have undergone in naturally drying over time long enough to decades.
  • Old teak wood is the best wood with high quality, because it is a kind of timber harvested from large trees that have wood fibers are very strong, largest, and very difficult to get this kind of wood in those days right now.
  • Old teak or reclaimed teak wood has a longer durability than other woods because this old wood has aged more than a hundred years. It is ranging from planting to the used by the peoples usually as a frame of house in the ancient times.
  • Old teak wood has its own uniqueness, because previously this material has been used by many peoples in some decorations such as a frame house, etc. So, the wood was obtained by some marks as nail holes and others that its gives the impression of a classic, elegant, stylish, high art and not easy to get a style that is same as in the new wooden.
  • Artistic values were embodied in the pattern of old wood (recycled teak) that gives a natural view and then a lot of people are judging this raises unique hospitality and warmth for its users.

Used old teak wood is a manifestation of our commitment to preserve the forest and save the earth, because it does not need a new logging that in infancy of wood may take up to 40-50 years later. Finally, the creativity of old teak wood or reclaimed wood then we called this as RECYCLED TEAK. Our flagship product has been in environmentally friendly we present to you all in this world.

Why Us

Mahtam Furniture offers extensive range of superior quality stylish outdoor furniture crafted from Grade A Teak Wood. All our furniture is crafted from wood sourced from government managed plantations.

We Offer Unique Designs

If you want something a little different we offer a custom design service.

No Middle Man

When you buy teak furniture from us, you’re buying direct from the manufacturer.

Competitive Prices

When we say we sell at ‘real factory prices’ we mean it.

No Minimum Order

That’s right, you can order as little or as much of our stunning teak garden furniture as you like.

Full Replacement Guarantee

In the unlikely another furniture factory event that you should need to return a product, we promise to ship a replacement to you. That’s how confident we are in the quality of our products.

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